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Hawaii’s “#1 Historical Spot Worth Traveling For”...

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Free Flight Simulator

The journey back in history begins at Pearl Harbor Naval Air Station...

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Swamp Ghost Lives

But she needs your help to survive.

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Take Stock in America

Take stock in Pearl Harbor’s Historic Sites. Take stock in America.

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50th Commemoration Recap

Find post-event photos and details here.

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Summer Youth Programs

Get ready to soar this summer with exciting programs from Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor!

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10:00 AM

2017 Summer Youth Programs

Get ready to soar this summer with programs from Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor!


10:00 AM

Happy 120th Birthday, Amelia Earhart!

Join us at the Museum as we celebrate Amelia Earhart’s birthday!


6:00 PM

For Love of Country – Building Our Future

The Museum will celebrate its 11th anniversary with the annual fundraiser which helps support the Museum’s Restoration and Education programs.

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The Art of War

The history of World War II is written not just in words, but also in images. That includes artwork that was painted in the far-flung outposts of the war, using materials borrowed, scrounged and occasionally liberated, painted on the walls and ceilings of temporary structures, built just for the duration....



Repair In the Air

It’s a photograph of a day like any other in Hawaii, a half-century ago. A wood and wire Army bomber rumbles through the azure sky, criss-crossing the pellucid air above Oahu on an obscure military mission. But wait a minute — take a closer look. What’s that guy doing hanging...



Pearl Harbor: Thunderfish in the Sky

Japan’s Type 91 Modification 2 Torpedo Fins Key Points The Japanese had to modify their Type 91 Modification 2 aerial torpedoes for the Pearl Harbor attack. They needed to limit the initial plunge so that the torpedoes would not strike the bottom mud. The big stabilizing fins at the rear...

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