Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor on Historic Ford Island occupies two hangars and the Ford Island Control Tower that still bear the scars of our nation's aviation battlefield. Ranked "One of the Top 10 Aviation Attractions in the Nation" by TripAdvisor®.

Superchargers and Turbochargers

Key Points Engine volume, high-octane fuel, and forced induction...

Mapping a Sailor’s Service

Mr. Kagel Smith, looking through his mother’s attic, stumbled upon an...


Boeing/Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight Source: U.S. Navy...

Open Cockpit Day

Sat, May 16 - You’re invited to Open Cockpit Day at Pacific Aviation Museum...

Battle of Midway Commemoration

Sat, Jun 06 - The Museum marks the 73rd anniversary of the turning point of...

Flight School for Boys

Tue, Jun 09 to Thu, Jun 11 - A 3-day adventure in the history and technology of aviation...

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