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Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor is located on Ford Island (a secured military base) in the middle of Pearl Harbor. To visit the museum, reserve a ticket online or through any of our partner Travel Desks in Waikiki. You can also obtain admission at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center where free parking is available. For security reasons, no bags are allowed into the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center or on the shuttle bus to Ford Island. A bag storage facility, located in the visitor center near the shuttle bus stop, can store your belongings for a fee of $3 per bag.

Historic Ford Island, 319 Lexington Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96818

(808) 441-1000

Fax (Sales)
(808) 441-1010

Fax (Administration)
(808) 441-1019

USS Arizona Memorial Ticket Office Hours
7:00am – 4:00pm

Pacific Aviation Museum hours
8:00am – 5:00pm

Online ticketing

Reservations, Ticket Office & General Information
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Staff Contact Information

Kenneth DeHoff: Executive Director, Operations
(808) 441-1017

Elissa Lines: Executive Director, Development
(808) 445-9069

Kim Sterling: Executive Assistant to Executive Director, Operations
(808) 441-1015

Vangie Villa: Executive Assistant to Executive Director, Development
(808) 447-1794

Shauna Tonkin, PhD: Director of Education
(808) 441-1005

Anne Murata: Director of Marketing & Business Development
(808) 441-1013

Carol Greene: Director of Development
(808) 441-1006

Burl Burlingame: Historian
(808) 695-2231

Loretta Fung: Tour Coordinator
(808) 441-1008

Nancy Kaneshiro Holt: Guest Services/Tour Agency Relations
(808) 441-1003

Nicole Escobido: Private Events
(808) 441-1004

Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman: President George H.W. Bush

Chairman Emeritus: ADM Ronald J. Hays, USN (Ret.)

Chairman: ADM R. J. “Zap” Zlatoper, USN (Ret.)

President: Clinton R. Churchill

Vice Presidents:
Chuck Cotton
MajGen Edward V. Richardson, USAF (Ret.)
Darrell G. Welch. Jr.
Jeffrey A. Remington

Vice President & Legal Counsel: Peter Starn

Treasurer: Michael L. Olson

Secretary: Richard M. May, Jr.

Executive Director, Operations: Kenneth DeHoff

Executive Director, Development: Elissa Lines

Kenneth R. Bailey
Aileen Blanc
Rick Blangiardi
David P. Brostrom
Henry P. Bruckner
Robert A. Dunn
Dennis Fitzgerald
Alexander “Sandy” Gaston
Charles L. Goodwin
LtGen Earl Hailston, USMC (Ret.)
Jim Hickerson
Gary Hogan
Raymond E. Johns, Jr.
Ray L’Heureux
Ruth Limtiaco
Robert P. Moore
Donn Parent
Jeffrey A. Remington
James K. Schuler
Michael Shealy
Gordon Smith
John T. Sterling
Beti Ward
Ryan Yanagihara

Advisory Board:
Superintendent Jacqueline Ashwell, NPS
ADM Stanley R. Arthur, USN (Ret.)
VADM Michael Bowman, USN (Ret.)
Pedro Chan
Senator Thad Cochran
Gerald Coffee
Gen Thomas L. Conant, USMC (Ret.)
Gen John K. Davis, USMC (Ret.)
Steve Diamond
RADM Ken Fisher, USN (Ret.)
BrigGen Jerome Hagen, USMC (Ret.)
ADM Thomas B. Hayward, USN (Ret.)
Gen John Lorber, USAF (Ret.)
Senator John McCain, III
Gen Merrill A. McPeak, USAF (Ret.)
Jim Nabors
Gen Gary North, USAF (Ret.)
William C. Oberlin
LtGen Duane Thiessen, USMC (Ret.)
BrigGen Chuck Yeager, USAF (Ret.)