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Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw/Seabat/Seahorse

Assault, Medevac, Utility, and Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopter

Source: Ray Panko. Photo taken at Udvar-Hazy Center, 2010.

Bullet Points

  • Last of the large piston-engine military helicopters (along with the Piasecki H-21 Flying Banana).
  • Used by the U.S. Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force Reserves.
  • First flight March 8, 1954. Entered Navy and Army service in 1955. Entered Marines service in 1957.
  • Used by the French in the Algerian War, where combat assault evolved
  • CH-34D (The “Dog”) used heavily by the Marines in Vietnam for combat assault
  • Big and vulnerable, especially for pilots in their high cockpit
  • Comparable in performance to the UH-1 Huey but with greater capacity
  • Approximately 1,800 built by Sikorsky. Another 600 manufactured in England, France, and Italy. Production ended in 1970.
  • Our HH-34J (58-1366) began life as a Navy HSS-1 antisubmarine warfare (ASW) helicopter. After it was retired, the USAF refurbished it...

Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress Swamp Ghost


Her Real Name Is 41-2446

An early Boeing B-17E aircraft like 41-2446. Note she does not have a tail number, which indicates she has not yet been delivered to the Army Air Forces.

United States Army Air Forces aircraft 41-2446 has made an immense journey. Seventy-two years and thousands of miles back and forth across the Pacific have finally brought her to her new and final home, Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.

She started operational life as a Boeing B-17E heavy bomber, delivered to the USAAF on December 6, 1941, just one day before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. She became one of the planes striking back at the Japanese in one of America’s first heavy-bomber combat missions of World War II.

When Army Air Forces Lt. John Haig accepted her in Seattle, she did not have a name. She rolled off Boeing’s assembly line as tail number 2257, an early edition of 512 E models delivered in defense of the nation.

Her design pedigree began in the early...

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