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General Dynamics F-111 AARDVARK/PIG


Two-Seat Medium-Range Heavy Tactical Bomber

Royal Australian Air Force F-111Cs in Flight at Nellis Air Force Base. United States Air Force photograph 060214-F-6911G-135. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Australian_F-111s.jpg


Key Points

  • Although designated a fighter, the F-111 was a medium-range heavy tactical bomber
  • Nicknamed the Aardvark, a solitary night hunter with excellent senses that roots round in the dirt
  • First operational swing-wing aircraft, first turbofan with an afterburner, and pioneer of terrain-following flight
  • Extremely long range on internal fuel alone; usually bombed without tanker support
  • Heavy bomb load
  • Mach 1.2 speed while hugging the terrain; Mach 2.5 at high altitude
  • Highly politicized and wasteful procurement process
  • Initial disaster in Vietnam
  • Later success in Vietnam, Tripoli, and Desert Storm
  • Used by the Royal Australian Air Force until 2010
  • Our aircraft flew for many years with the Royal...

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