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Huey 705’s (Unplanned) Last Day in Vietnam

Pacific Aviation Museum’s UH-1H Huey (S/N 69-15705) is one of our Vietnam War veteran aircraft. She led a charmed life until her last day there. It had not been planned to be her last day. But then in Vietnam, few things went as planned.

Built in September 1970, she was serving in Vietnam by November. The “705” spent most of her time in the 229th Aviation Assault Battalion of the famous 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). The “Air Cav” was the first Army division built around the mobility of helicopters. The division had two aviation assault battalions. Each had about sixty troop-carrying helicopters organized into three companies. Each also had a fourth company of helicopter gunships that protected the assault helicopters entering and leaving landing zones. Our helicopter spent most of her time in B Company.

Figure 1: Large Assault

Our helicopter is an H model, which was the last model of the “big Hueys” developed during the war. Compared to the earlier D model, she...

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