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North American F-100F Super Sabre (S/N 58-1232)

Misty Forward Air Controller (FAC)

Figure 1: F-100F Misty FAC

Painting by David Tipps / DavidTipps.com

Key Points

  • Follow on to the North American F-86 Sabre, named the F-100 Super Sabre. “F-100,” popularly shortened to “Hun.”
  • First operational supersonic fighter. First aircraft to explore sustained supersonic flight (sometimes tragically).
  • George Welch of Pearl Harbor fame took prototype supersonic on first flight. Collier Trophy in 1954.
  • In first 100,000 hours, 95 major accidents with 6 fatalities. George Welch died testing the F-100A. Aircraft was improved, but quarter lost in crashes.
  • In Vietnam, flew 250,000 sorties—more than any other fixed-wing aircraft. More than number of P-51 Mustang sorties in World War II. Almost 200 were lost in combat. Operated mostly south of the DMZ.
  • Two-seat F-100Fs created as trainers. In Vietnam, were the first Wild Weasel anti-SAM aircraft and were forward aircraft controllers (FAC) above the DMZ. Our F-100F...

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