The Barnstorming Tour

Exploring Science Through Flight

This one-of-a-kind program takes aviation concepts to 6th grade classes across Oahu. Students learn the essentials of flight and then “fly” our large-model P-40 simulator. A portable wind tunnel demonstrates the movement of wind over an airfoil, and some tabletop experiments help students understand Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion and the Bernoulli Principle. All of this is provided at no cost to the schools.

  • Offered year-round
  • Aligned with Hawaii Content and Performance Standards
  • Conducted by a specially trained team of Barnstormers
  • Presented right in your classroom, library or multi-purpose room
  • Targeted toward ages 11-13 and grade 6 students
  • Designed for 25 students per session with up to 3 sessions per day
  • A minimum of 75 minutes per session

Barnstorming Tour Reservations

Connection to Standards
Barnstorming is aligned with 6th grade Common Core Language Arts and Math Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Hawaii Content & Performance Standards.
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For more information, contact the Barnstorming Manager at 808-441-1001.
Please email for details.

Participation Agreement
As part of our ongoing efforts to provide relevant content and measurable outcomes, we have implemented some new procedures for the Barnstorming Tour planning process for the academic year 2018-19.

When you confirm your Barnstorming Tour reservation, we will send you a link for a brief online survey to assess student pre-existing knowledge about the information presented in our program. This survey should be completed by all students no later than 5 days prior to the Barnstorming visit to your school/classroom.

After completion of our Barnstorming visit with your students, we will send you a new link for the identical survey that should be completed by all students within one week.

If your students are unable to complete the survey online, please request paper copies when you confirm your Barnstorming reservation. We will provide a pre-addressed, postage paid envelope for you to return your surveys to us.

These surveys are part of our program evaluation and provide a pre- and post-program snapshot of student learning. The survey assesses general knowledge acquisition of basic concepts. The only demographic questions relate to school and gender. No other identifying information is solicited or collected. The data we collect will not be used for individual student achievement or grades, nor will we be able to analyze results linked to individual teachers.

For any questions or concerns about this new policy, please contact the Education Outreach Programs Manager at