Educator Resources

Blackened Canteen

Study resources related to the legacy of the Blackened Canteen in which students study themes of peace, courage, and reconciliation, and, ultimately, evaluate the importance of honoring the past and preserving peace.

Blackened Canteen Curriculum (PDF)
The Blackened Canteen Air & Space (PDF)

Online Curriculum

Use curriculum in your class created by Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor educators.

Picture Pearl Harbor- #Photo Curator (PDF)
Picture Pearl Harbor- Alike and Different (PDF)
Picture Pearl Harbor- Beginning, Middle and End (PDF)
Picture Pearl Harbor- Caught in the Moment (PDF)
You’re the Curator (PDF)
Memorials and Monuments, grades 9-12 (PDF)

Smithsonian Learning Lab
Discover more than a million resources, create personal collections and educational experiences, and share your work. These curated collections complement field trip visits.

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