Pacific Aviation Museum Visit Preparations

  1. Please break your group into small groups of 18 or fewer students.
  2. Provide nametags (first name only) for each individual. This makes interaction much easier and more meaningful. If possible, color code the nametag by group (colored dots work well).
  3. Assign one adult teacher or chaperone to each group. They will be responsible to move the group from one activity to another between the two hangars. These adults should be prepared to assist with activities and help to monitor students as they are participating. They will probably learn some cool stuff, too!
  4. A schedule will be sent to you a week before your visit. You may want to provide your chaperones with a copy.
  5. Be prepared for a great day of learning where history happened! Restrooms will be available in the museum lobby, in the hallway next to the Flight Lab in Hangar 37, or in the portable trailer outside Hangar 79.