Performance Groups

Performing Arts Program

Thank you for considering Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor as a venue for your group’s performance. We welcome you to showcase your group’s talents at one of the most historically significant locations in the United States. During your visit, you’ll see the scars from the Pearl Harbor attack that are still visible in our historic hangars, view aircraft that changed the course of WWII, and hear stories that illustrate the best qualities of our American spirit. After your explorations you will have the opportunity to perform on these hallowed grounds.

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There is a general cover charge of $5 per person (performers, chaperones, and/or other group members), which includes a self-guided tour of both of our historic hangars.

NOTE: We can accommodate groups up to 250 total members.


For an additional charge your group may pre-order a meal for your visit to the Museum. Breakfast and lunch charges range from $12-$17 per person. A variety of menus are available and all meals are provided by our on-site café.

NOTE: Bottled water can be provided for your group for an additional charge.

Base Access/Transportation

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor is located on Ford Island, which is an active military base. All participants ages 16 and over, without a valid military ID, must apply for base access. It is a straightforward process but can take up to two weeks to receive clearance. Once your group is registered, we will contact you with the appropriate forms and instruction to ensure participant access to our property.

NOTE: Please alert your transportation company that you will be performing on Ford Island and confirm that they provide drivers who have a RAPID gate pass, or otherwise have permission to drive onto Ford Island/Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. This is responsibility of your transportation company, and cannot be managed by Museum staff.

Musical Performance Regulations

Due to space limitations, a changing area will not be provided for performers. Consequently, your group should arrive to the Museum in performance attire. Most performances will be outside and the weather can be hot and humid. Please dress accordingly.

NOTE: All personal items should be kept with the individual or under the supervision of a designated member of your group.

Equipment and Additions
Your group’s equipment must be kept on the bus or rental truck when not in use. Upon request, we can provide chairs for the performers and power for standard equipment. All other performance equipment, including extension cords, must be provided by the group.

Performance Location
Location of the performance will be decided by the Performing Arts Coordinator based on the number of performers, concurrent events scheduled at the Museum, and local restrictions (if applicable). Your group may perform in a single location or march across part of our “flight line” that is adjacent to our hangars. Please indicate any preferences on the registration form.

Restrooms are located inside Hangar 37 and next to the entrance to Hangar 79. Water fountains are located in Hangar 37.

Performance Playlist
Groups must provide a set list that is consistent with the theme and environment of the Museum. Possible selection themes include: 1940s era, patriotic, or Hawaiian. The set list must be submitted to the Performing Arts Coordinator for review no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival.