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In December 2016, Curatorial Staff began digitizing our collection of 22,000 books, periodicals, photographs, archival materials and 3D objects related to Pacific Aviation History. Our efforts include the production of high-quality digital images and editing our digital database records for quality and accuracy.

In an effort to make our collections more accessible to visitors, students, teachers, and researchers around the world, we have made our digital records available online. With the help of PastPerfect Online, anyone can search and view our collection of artifacts, archives, and photographs.

Currently, the online collection features our most recent acquisitions and some of our staff and visitor’s favorite objects. As we continue to digitize, we will make more of our collection available.

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Artifact Donations

*We are not accepting new artifact donations at this time.

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor has recently identified significant environmental deficiencies and space constraints in our collection storage areas. We are exploring options to correct those deficiencies and provide suitable space for our collection of Pacific Aviation materials to continue to grow. We hope to resume collecting shortly.

We accept donations of objects and archival materials that are of particular significance to the history of aviation and spaceflight. While we appreciate the personal value placed on these items, we must give special consideration to such gifts before we can accept them to ensure they meet our specific collection goals and rationale.

In determining whether items should be acquired, we use the following criteria:

  • The object is consistent with the Museum’s goals.
  • It is be appropriate for exhibition purposes and proves useful as an educational tool within an exhibit.
  • The object was be associated with a notable, historical event related to aviation and/or spaceflight or depict such an event.
  • The object was owned by, associated with or created by a notable person associated with the history of aviation and/or spaceflight.
  • The object has significant intrinsic value because it is the best of its type or one of a kind.
  • The object will contribute to research and scholarship in disciplines related to the history of aviation and/or spaceflight.
  • The object represents a technological innovation or invention associated with the history of aviation and/or spaceflight.

*We are not accepting new artifact donations at this time. For more information, please contact our Assistant Curator, Christina Bulow, at or (808) 426-7227.