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Our Museum educators have developed exceptional youth educational programs linking history with aviation science and technology. These programs, conducted at the Museum or at individual schools: 1) broaden the learning experience of students; 2) deepen their interest in, and enthusiasm for, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); and 3) help educators meet evolving education needs within our community and our state.

The mission of the Museum speaks to this dual purpose: to develop and maintain an internationally recognized aviation museum on historic Ford Island that educates young and old alike, honors aviators and their support personnel who defended freedom in the Pacific Region, and to preserve Pacific aviation history.
Whether attending with a school group, or participating as an individual in our summer and special session programs, youth explore, experience, imagine, and apply what they have learned, advancing both intellectual and social development.

Current options include the following:

Field Trips

Field Trips integrate history and STEM content through hands-on, age-appropriate lessons. School groups tour our historic hangars, where they learn about legendary heroes and the pioneers of aviation. They “fly” in our flight lab and learn how aviation has changed Hawaii and the Pacific region. Teachers enthusiastically support the educational value of these programs:
Your support will underwrite school visits or provide transportation to help schools participate.

Barnstorming Tour

The Barnstorming Tour travels to individual schools, presenting the physics of flight and a brief history of aviation to 6th-grade classrooms. This unique program presents basic science precepts. It uses a WWII aircraft simulator and a portable wind tunnel to bring these concepts to life. The classroom lessons complement Hawaii DOE Content and Performance Standards. Provided on-site, at no cost to the schools, the tours are particularly significant for schools located in low-income areas.
Your gift would help deliver programs at no charge to schools on Oahu. Please call directly for information on how to bring Barnstorming programs to schools on neighbor islands.

Flight School and Aviation Adventure

Flight School and Aviation Adventure Day, and overnight camps, immerse 6th -10th-grade students in a wide array of engaging STEM activities. These camps are offered as single-sex or co-ed programs, which can accommodate specific learning preferences and STEM instruction best practices. Overnight accommodations are provided on the Missouri Battleship Memorial. Participants call the program “amazing” and “empowering.”
Your gift would offset program costs and provide scholarships to youth seeking financial assistance.

Public Outreach

Public Outreach day programs spotlight the unique assets of the Museum and are created to inform and inspire students and families. “Living History Day,” “Open Cockpit Day,” and “Discover Your Future in Aviation” events allow young people and their families to experience hands-on workshops, interactive science exhibits, and meet costumed interpreters bringing historic characters to life – e.g. Amelia Earhart, Rosie the Riveter, a Zero pilot, etc.
Your gift will help us offer increased community programming throughout the year.

Boy and Girl Scout programs

Boy and Girl Scout programs provide significant and varied experiences for social and intellectual development, as well as civic engagement. Through our merit badge programs, historic tours, and special interest events, Boy and Girl Scouts learn about aviation, astronomy, weather, aerospace, and the history of flight. Scouts participate in hands-on activities that apply STEM principles in exciting ways.
Your gift will help underwrite the scouting experience for deserving youth.

Donate to Education Programs