Hangar 79


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When completed, Hangar 79 will tell the story of the WWII air war. Currently, all construction is on hold until the necessary funds are acquired to start Phase 3 of the Museum expansion.

Interactive exhibits and vintage aircraft will cover the Pacific war theater, including the Philippines, the Aleutian Islands, the Solomon Islands, China, and the push toward the Japanese home islands. A replica of a WWII aircraft carrier deck will demonstrate how the carrier revolutionized naval warfare.

Space will be available for traveling exhibits, meetings and special occasion events for groups of up to 1,000. This will provide the first large entertainment venue for special events in Pearl Harbor and one of a very few on Oahu. And, of course, only the Pacific Aviation Museum has the theme power of both the Museum and historic Ford Island.

Read more about the Museum’s Master Plan, including Hangar 79, here.

Donate to Hangar 79